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Can I nominate myself?

Yep you totally can. We won't tell, promise. If you think you're awesome chances are - you are!.

How do nominations work?

Anyone who services the Hunter can be nominated in the appropriate category for their business. The number of nominations a business receives does NOT affect the end results.

How does voting work?

There are two main categories for the awards: public vote and sassy vote. Voting in the public categories will commences on July 15 and end July 31. The public will only be able to vote once in each category. The sassy vote is conducted privately by the 10 Sassy Celebrants.

What happens if someone cheats?

Apparently they never prosper... if someone is found to be cheating we will probably just take them out of the running to win in either major category, public and sassy votes.

Do I have to attend the dinner to win?


Why are you doing this?

Why the f**k not?!